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Support your clients in realizing the full extent of their human potential, whether at an individual, team or organizational level.


We love coaching individual change-makers, social entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to maximize their impact. We specialize in going deeper and helping you see beyond your day-to-day roles and responsibilities. We support you in reconnecting with the essence of who you are and fully expressing it in all aspects of your life.


By creating a culture that promotes creativity, collaboration and trust we can help you unlock the next paradigm of value creation in your organization. Our unique approach to unleashing human potential naturally leads to breakthroughs in innovation, employee engagement, and ultimately organizational performance.


Bringing a TEAM and its members to unfold their FULL POTENTIAL is a key success factor in any organization, small or big. It can also be a challenge. By going to the essence of what drives team performance we can help you unlock the collective motivation, creativity, well-being, and resilience of your team.

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Learn to administer the human potential assessment in the professional context, help your clients interpret the findings and translate them into a highly customized development plan. Although the course is designed for human potential work at an INDIVIDUAL (1 to 1) level you will also learn to use the frameworks to scale the conversation to an organizational level.

FREE Introduction - Human Potential Development Training

by Being at Full Potential

Certification - Human Potential Development Coach Training

by Being at Full Potential

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The full potential team training equips you as a coach & facilitator to support teams in unleashing their FULL human potential in service of a common goal. You will learn how to combine powerful facilitation techniques with the human potential data to anchor the 5 essential team measures and use them to open up transformational conversations and promote seamless collaborations.

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This training gives you the tools to support organizations on their journey towards a conscious culture. You will learn to work with the deeper human change levers to enable performance breakthroughs in employee engagement, innovation, trustworthiness, and ultimately the multiple bottom lines.

Preview of the course

Although most web-based learning journeys tend to be impersonal and focused on hard skill development, we have set the intention to infuse this one with as much “Beingness” and personal growth as possible. Peter Leong shares WHY this is such an important initiative for him.

Democratizing access to Human Potential development is core to my purpose in life. This is why is has been such a joy collaborating with Peter Leong to create an online learning platform that can be accessed anytime, and by anyone who wants to specialize in Human Potential development. 


Eveline van Dusseldorp WordPress Dev.

I absolutely love the Human Potential Organizational Assessment Training. Something happened there. Yes, we got all the content, information, analytics and explanations of the model, but it was so much more. The space that was created allowed me to connect deeply to my being and even at this moment, a week after the end of the training, I am still connected and on this cloud. And from this place I am not doing 'acquisition', but I am actually magnetizing people around me. Something is happening! Thank you so much Mark and Sujith, for making this happen!

Marie Josee Smulders a

The Human Potential assessment is like a "map of Being" reflecting back who we are in our wholeness. From this place there is nothing to "fix", just more potential to discover and unleash.

Laura Saldivar Luna a

What you have created at Being at Full Potential is a gift to all of us. Thank you for walking this journey alongside our Human Assets Team. This week was evidence of transformation. Thank you for holding this space, which makes possible what previously felt impossible. I’m beyond grateful that our paths have crossed in life.

Ilona van der Hagen

The Human Potential Assessment Tool is not just another HR, leadership or personal growth tool. It is a gateway to new possibilities, that are bedded in the essence of who we are and could be. It touches those deep and delicate places in us, our cultures and organizations, that foster the strength to create bold and transformational changes.

Max Riley

I am SO impressed with the Human Potential instrument to stimulate powerful conversations! Simply opening up questions about a few dimensions on the instrument and inviting inquiry into the intersections revealed by it led to a GREAT conversation! I am really looking forward to future use with my clients.

Andreas Schurek

I knew your process would be different than other ways to plan forward, but I failed to comprehend its power for pulling out new insights.

Mirjana Power

If your heartfelt desire is to build a prosperous enterprise in Life, whatever is the form, you need to start with the true foundations of your home. The Human Potential Assessment Tool makes the invisible visible, through a clear, concrete and accessible framework for individuals and organizations.

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    About us

    We are dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual and organization is fully realized.

    The Being at Full Potential Academy is dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual, team and organization can be fully expressed and serve the greater good. 


    Our unique tools and methodologies are used by like-minded coaches and leaders to unlock Human Potential by bringing the attention back to the essence of  WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE.


    From this state of BEING clients can more easily see through the complexities and chaos of their worlds, enabling them to move forward in more meaningful & innovative ways


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    Mark Vandeneijnde

    Co-Founder, Being at Full Potential

    Peter Leong

    Director, Being at Full Potential NZ

    Annelieke Verkerk

    Human Potential Coach & Trainer

    Harmen van Dijk

    Human Potential Coach & Trainer

    Fabio Salvadori

    Human Potential Coach & Trainer

    Luca Salvini

    Human Potential Coach & Trainer

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