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Certification – Human Potential Development Coach Training

Course Duration: 24h

About Course

Welcome and thank you for enrolling for this certification training. "39% of employees say their top workplace frustration is that their employers don’t provide effective soft skills training - (CFA Institute research, 2022).” We are here to help. Our Human Potential Certification program is a tried and tested way to unleash the human-centric "soft skills" that are so critical for organizations to thrive in the future. We invite all change agents, coaches & intrapreneurs to join us on this journey where you will learn about the tools, frameworks and assessments that have proven over and over again to open up transformational conversations within an organizational environment. You learn experientially throughout these 12 modules. The supporting videos, practices, quizzes, assignments and role plays will give you all the necessary content, and the accompanying 1-1 coaching with Peter and I will help you integrate everything you learn into your own coaching practice. Together, we will live up to our mutual expectation of being fully human. When our BEING is alive, our DOING thrives. We are looking forward to getting to know you and becoming a member of our community of Being at Full Potential coaches, consultants and change agents!
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What I will learn?

  • Debrief the Human Potential assessment with your clients
  • Make a robust business case for HUMAN POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT and expand your effectiveness in OD work
  • Clearly demonstrate how a greater focus on HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION drives key business metrics such as: employee engagement, trustworthiness & innovation
  • Inspire your clients to bring more focus and attention on the HUMAN DIMENSION in their organizations
  • Offer very concrete tools and methodologies that bring more objectivity to the subjective nature of human beings
  • Last but not least, gain insights that will allow you to access even more of your human potential and grow into your next stage of personal development in life.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Authentic introductions
Let's get to know each other and create the optimal conditions for this learning experience

  • Getting to know each other & creating a BEING space
  • Assignment

Module 2: Context for Human Potential interventions
Understanding why we need to bring the focus back on the human BEING.

Module 3: The Human Potential Iceberg
Using the OPM's (organizational performance metrics) to meet people where they are at

Module 4: Using the 6 OPM’s to build bridges into the client’s reality
Sensing into the deeper needs of your client

Module 5: Understanding the Human Potential House
Sensing into the deeper human levers of performance

Module 6: Using the 4 States and 23 Dimensions to uncover deeper insight into the client’s reality
Uncovering deeper insights for your client

Module 7: The 8 Being Attitudes
The foundation layer for making Human Potential Development practical in our day-to-day practice

Module 8: Consciousness Maturity Index
Exploring the connection between "Maturity" and realizing our full Human Potential

Module 9: Additional findings
Understand what other factors contribute to unleashing our potential

Module 10: Debriefing clients on their full report
Demonstrate debriefing best practices

Module 11: Closing, next steps & certification
Welcome into the community, celebration and certification

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Material Includes

  • Access to the Human Potential Assessment
  • Short educational videos
  • White papers, tutorials & quizes
  • 1-1 coaching sessions with certified trainers


  • Participants have a background preferably in coaching or personal development
  • Interest in working with organizations & leaders
  • Pursue transformational impact
  • Complete all the modules and assignments
  • Complete three 1-1 coaching sessions with the trainers

Target Audience

  • coaches, consultants or change agents looking for a proven innovative approach to unleash to full leadership potential of their clients.