Employee Engagement

Measures the level of dedication and commitment exhibited in day-to-day work activities.

Where on this scale do you feel you are today as an organisation?

Employees have a low level of intrinsic motivation. They don’t see the meaning in their work and simply do the minimum that is required of them in order to collect a pay check.

Employees are extrinsically motivated. The harder they work and the better they “perform” the more likely they are to be promoted and receive a raise. At the end of the day however, they often feel unfulfilled or in some cases, even burnt out.

Employees are seeing more meaning in their work. Their jobs are an extension of who they are, in the sense that more of their unique strengths and talents are being valued in what they do.

Employees act as true owners of the organisation. They not only bring the best of themselves to work but they are also encouraged to step beyond their roles and responsibilities to challenge the status quo and proactively bring new ideas into the organisation.