Measures the extent to which an individual and organisation are deserving of the trust/confidence it receives from its stakeholders.

Where on this scale do you feel you are today as an organisation?

The organisation is not consistently acting in accordance to the rules and policies. There is a risk that corners will be cut, and trust will be broken, in exchange for short term personal gains.

The organisation operates in accordance to the rules, which is the most fundamental, base level of trust in all relationships. Policies and procedures are important to ensure people know what is expected of them in all situations. However, in more ambiguous situations, where the rules might not apply as easily, there is a risk of incongruent behaviour and hence an erosion of trust.

The organisation not only acts in accordance to the rules but they also demonstrate a high level of integrity in more complex situations where rules and policies can sometimes be mis- interpreted. Individual decision makers are empowered to trust their judgment and learn from their mistakes.

The organisation has consistently demonstrated that they act according to a very clear set of shared values and principles. This strong inner compass eliminates the need for rules and policies and ensures that all situations will be resolved with the highest level of integrity.