Customer Orientation

Measures how well the individual and organisation listens and responds to the explicit AND implicit desires of its customers.

Where on this scale do you feel you are today as an organisation?

Your customers no longer feel valued or listened to. Unless the switching costs are too high they are likely to consider moving to another supplier or service provider.

Your customers see you as a reliable supplier. You deliver a product or service that meets their basic expectations. However, they may not feel a strong loyalty and would consider switching to another provider if a more interesting opportunity comes along. There is an opportunity to engage with their needs more deeply and translate this into products and services that not only meet their expectations but also exceed them.

Your customers feel listened to. Their needs and aspirations are taken into account and significantly influence the innovation process. When the new products and services become available in the marketplace, customers usually respond enthusiastically and with greater loyalty.

Your customers expect the unexpected. The organisation has the unique ability to see into the future and anticipate market trends often before customers are able to articulate these emerging needs themselves. These visionary organisations listen beyond the stated needs and are able to create whole new markets that significantly shift the behaviours and future needs of their customers. As a result they often feel a deep emotional attachment to the product or service.