Measures the organisation's ability to create and produce radically new products and services (that may or may not have a direct market application).

Where on this scale do you feel you are today as an organisation?

The organisation is in effective at bringing new ideas to the market. An over-reliance on existing products and services may be sustainable in the short term but longer term a lack of new ideas will make it increasingly difficult to remain viable in the marketplace.

The organisation is mainly focused on incremental Innovation. This consists of small, yet meaningful improvements in products, services, and other ways in which business is done. These tend to be the “new and improved” type innovations. We see them every day and they help extend product, service, and business life cycles and improve profitability

The organisation is effective at unlocking breakthrough
Innovation that gives consumers something demonstrably new (beyond “new and improved”). Breakthrough innovation produces a substantial competitive edge for a while, although the length of time any one can maintain such an advantage is growing increasingly shorter

The organisation is poised to deliver transformational Innovation, the kind that creates completely new industries and transforms the way we live and work. Rather than addressing an existing need, transformational innovation has the potential to significantly accelerate the adoption of an emerging trend in ways that other innovations can’t.