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Being at Full Potential Assessment Certification Training


About Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Debrief the Human Potential assessment with your clients
  • Make a robust business case for HUMAN POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT and expand your effectiveness in OD work
  • Clearly demonstrate how a greater focus on HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION drives key business metrics such as: employee engagement, trustworthiness & innovation
  • Inspire your clients to bring more focus and attention on the HUMAN DIMENSION in their organizations
  • Offer very concrete tools and methodologies that bring more objectivity to the subjective nature of human beings

Topics for this course

8 Lessons24h

Module 1: Authentic introductions

Getting to know each other7:12

Module 2: Context for Human Potential interventions

Module 3: Deconstructing the Human Potential Iceberg (Part 1)

Module 4: Deconstructing the Human Potential Iceberg (Part 2)

Module 5: Leadership Maturity Index

Module 6: Additional findings

Module 7: Debriefing clients on their full report

Module 8: Closing & next steps

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Material Includes

  • Access to the Human Potential Assessment
  • Short educational videos
  • White papers & tutorials
  • 1-1 coaching sessions with certified trainers


  • Participants have a background in coaching
  • Work with organizations
  • Pursue transformational impact

Target Audience

  • coaches, consultants or change agents looking for a proven innovative approach to unleash to full leadership potential of their clients.